The Ugly Side of Social Media


I recently read an article in the NY Times about social media and the negative effects that it can have.  For example, the recent protests regarding the decision not to indict the officer who shot and killed an unarmed African American teenager in Ferguson, MO.  Violent protests erupted, and there was suddenly an onslaught of videos and articles of police brutality.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media were suddenly covered with negativity.  It only feeds the fire.  It is certainly not an issue to be taken lightly, however, we as society tend to focus on the ugliness of the world and forget about the good.  Few and far between were the articles or videos that showed an officer doing good.  There is always good along with the bad, but it seems that society clings to the negative and it catches like wildfire.




It’s the Little Things…

Beauty and the Beat Pretty In Ink

I found a post via Twisted Sifter that I thought was very interesting.  An artist (Austin Light) took famous movie titles and removed one letter from the title.  He then sketched a graphic that represented the new title.  A couple of my favorites are above.  The first transformed Beauty and the Beast into Beauty and the Beat.  The second turned Pretty in Pink into Pretty in Ink.  I loved how just removing one letter from a word completely changed the meaning of the entire title, and the artist was able to capture it in a simple piece of artwork. The classic love story feel of Beauty and the Beast is transformed into a modern, fun break-dancing Belle.  Pretty In Pink takes a trinagulated love story and makes it into a badass chick who is about to take over the world.  These are just two of the examples that can be found in the rest of the post – link below.  Enjoy!






Ecard 1 Ecard 2

E-cards have always fascinated me.  In this day and age, communication has changed dramatically even in the last 15 years.  I never had a cell phone with me at all tines when I was in school.  Now everyone has a cell phone addiction.  Last week I lost my phone and had to go three days without it.  It was amazing how much I depended on it.  My calender, my contact lists (I quickly realized I do not know anyone’s phone number), and of course social media and games.  What would I do while standing in line at the grocery store if I can’t play Bejeweled?  Texting and email has become the main form of communication for this generation.  Even when people are in the next room, or better yet sitting next to you.  Even in the workplace, emails are much more common than a phone call.  But with all of this non-verbal communication, you lose so much in the message.  Being able to express our feelings has become very difficult.  This is where e-cards have become so popular.  The passive-aggressive way to tell someone how you really feel without actually having to talk to them.  Better yet, you can just post it on your Facebook page and let all of your friends wonder if it was meant for them.  I learned  lot the week my ohone was missing, and think maybe I should ‘lose it’ more often.




Pushing the Limits

Victorias SecretVictim of Beauty

We have all heard expressions such as ‘pain is beauty’.  The two images above bring about very different ideas on beauty.  In the first image, we see a Victoria’s Secret model who is very attractive and fit.  Many would look at this woman as something that they would strive to look like.  Physical perfection.  How far would you go to achieve this perfection that is plastered all over the magazines and media?  With liposuction and plastic surgery available now at every turn, we have the option to transform into something other than what we were born with. Now look at the second image.  The title of this image is ‘Victim of Beauty’.  It calls to mind the question of how far you are willing to go to obtain what some may consider beauty.  If you look deeper, you can see that there are underlying messages on a stance against abuse – both emotional and physical.