It’s the Little Things…

Beauty and the Beat Pretty In Ink

I found a post via Twisted Sifter that I thought was very interesting.  An artist (Austin Light) took famous movie titles and removed one letter from the title.  He then sketched a graphic that represented the new title.  A couple of my favorites are above.  The first transformed Beauty and the Beast into Beauty and the Beat.  The second turned Pretty in Pink into Pretty in Ink.  I loved how just removing one letter from a word completely changed the meaning of the entire title, and the artist was able to capture it in a simple piece of artwork. The classic love story feel of Beauty and the Beast is transformed into a modern, fun break-dancing Belle.  Pretty In Pink takes a trinagulated love story and makes it into a badass chick who is about to take over the world.  These are just two of the examples that can be found in the rest of the post – link below.  Enjoy!



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  1. Very cool and creative! Love both the changes and how they are represented. This would be a fun exercise to do – though I can’t draw, it might be fun to play around with movie titles like this! Maybe add a photo graphic to it. Just thinking aloud. Love finding new ways to express my inner wanna-be an artist persona. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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