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E-cards have always fascinated me.  In this day and age, communication has changed dramatically even in the last 15 years.  I never had a cell phone with me at all tines when I was in school.  Now everyone has a cell phone addiction.  Last week I lost my phone and had to go three days without it.  It was amazing how much I depended on it.  My calender, my contact lists (I quickly realized I do not know anyone’s phone number), and of course social media and games.  What would I do while standing in line at the grocery store if I can’t play Bejeweled?  Texting and email has become the main form of communication for this generation.  Even when people are in the next room, or better yet sitting next to you.  Even in the workplace, emails are much more common than a phone call.  But with all of this non-verbal communication, you lose so much in the message.  Being able to express our feelings has become very difficult.  This is where e-cards have become so popular.  The passive-aggressive way to tell someone how you really feel without actually having to talk to them.  Better yet, you can just post it on your Facebook page and let all of your friends wonder if it was meant for them.  I learned  lot the week my ohone was missing, and think maybe I should ‘lose it’ more often.




  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are so correct people are no longer communicating with each others. Although I’m constantly on my phone, I still carry a planner. We are in the information age with cell phones, voice-mail, and faxes. It was also funny reading about the passive-aggressive e-cards that people post on facebook. The subliminal messages behind them. I can not tell you how many times I had a friend inbox me and ask me if we were okay. Then I have to tell them that they are reading too much into the e-card message.


  2. I agree that technology has challenged people in the way they communicate (or don’t) with each other. I have to say though, that for me it is not technology but the users. We are always looking for a way to escape, to distract ourselves from the present moment. For me, it is important that I take a “techno” break every once in awhile. I also like to practice meditation to help keep me grounded in the present. Technology is great. It allows us to connect with many people and ideas that we would never be able to experience otherwise. And to participate in on-line classes so we can show up for school when it is convenient for us, letting people have the chance to attend school who may not be able to do it otherwise. The key, I believe, is using technology wisely instead of letting technology use and control us. Easier said than done though.


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