Pushing the Limits

Victorias SecretVictim of Beauty

We have all heard expressions such as ‘pain is beauty’.  The two images above bring about very different ideas on beauty.  In the first image, we see a Victoria’s Secret model who is very attractive and fit.  Many would look at this woman as something that they would strive to look like.  Physical perfection.  How far would you go to achieve this perfection that is plastered all over the magazines and media?  With liposuction and plastic surgery available now at every turn, we have the option to transform into something other than what we were born with. Now look at the second image.  The title of this image is ‘Victim of Beauty’.  It calls to mind the question of how far you are willing to go to obtain what some may consider beauty.  If you look deeper, you can see that there are underlying messages on a stance against abuse – both emotional and physical.






  1. Your posts and analysis of the semiotics of the image helped me to think about beauty in a way I never have before. I recognize it when I wear a pair of uncomfortable pumps just to look good, but obviously that is not anything compared to the emotional scarring of women who are always made to feel like they need to look like someone other than themselves to be beautiful.


  2. I liked the way you chose to place these ads together. It made me think about the consequences of promoting a “perfect” beauty ideal, not just on the women who strive to achieve this impossible look but also the males who view this ad feeling as though this is what beauty should look like. I think ads such as these leads to the abuse of women. When a group can be dehumanized and made to feel like an object, it is easier to justify doing whatever you want to them. That’s just my personal feelings about it though 🙂


  3. There are so many women that have self-esteem issues. This can relate back to their childhood days, many women will do anything to look and feel beautiful. I think we need to empower our young girls and women to feel comfortable in their skin.


  4. I completely agree with you. I am raising two boys and teaching them to become men who can respect women and stand with them is so important to me. Although I do not have any girls, I do teach dance. Seeing the pressures that young girls feel now is so difficult. Teaching them not only the art of dance, but how to love themselves and their bodies.


  5. I believe both of these images are victims. One of the society many women strive to achieve and the other a victim of another human and perhaps allowing because again of society and the prejudice with in it.


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